Venezuelan Singer Briella Claims Shakira Was Inspired by Her Song

Venezuelan singer Briella connects Shakira and Bizarrap’s newest collaboration to her own pre-existing song:

The Venezuelan singer Briella has recently indicated on her social networks that Shakira and the Argentine producer Bizarrap have been influenced by her pre-existing song “Solo tú” in their creation of the newly released “Bizarrap Music Sessions #53”.

In a video uploaded on Briella’s Instagram account, she explains how her “Solo tú” became viral on TikTok six months ago, and that it was “nothing to do with problems”. The song, which has gathered 2.2 million views on all platforms since it was released, has not gone unnoticed by Shakira and Bizarrap, who, in their newest collaboration, composed “Bizarrap Music Sessions #53”, a spiteful song released in response to the Colombian artist’s ex-partner, the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué.

Briella expresses her feeling of shock at the rapt new composition and asked her followers their opinion with the caption “What do you think?”. The song “Bizarrap Music Sessions #53” has already achieved 63 million views on YouTube in just twenty-four hours, making it even more impressive considering the time frame.

The wildly successful new composition is noteworthy for it’s connection to Briella’s pre-existing song “Solo tú”, and the Venezuelan singer’s acknowledgement of this has only drawn more attention to her own work.


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