Venezuelan Government Orders Arrest of Former Parliament President

Arrest Warrant Issued Against Julio Borges by Venezuelan Public Ministry

Venezuela’s Public Ministry (MP) has issued an arrest warrant against the former president of the Parliament, Julio Borges, for his involvement in the attempted military uprising of April 2019.

The Attorney General of the country, Tarek William Saab, said in a statement by the state-run VTV that a video released on 13th January was collected, in which fugitive Leopoldo López pointed out Borges’ direct and essential participation in the disastrous events of April 30th.

The accusations against Borges include treason, conspiracy and association – for which he is already under two prior arrest warrants for his massive part in the theft of the republic’s gold as well as for planning and financing the assassination attempt on President Maduro in August 2018.

In response to the arrest warrant, Julio Borges said on his Twitter that the persecution of the dictatorship will not intimidate them and they will continue to fight until the Maduro regime comes to an end and the Venezuelan people can live in freedom.

On April 30th 2019, Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López attempted a rebellion outside the La Carlota air base. However, the endeavor failed to take momentum within a day of its formation.

So far, as identified by Saab, 93 persons are under investigation out of which 38 have already left the country, 19 are in jail for trial, 7 have already been sentenced, 5 are on trial with precautionary missions, and 2 citizens were pardoned.

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