Venezuela opposition looks to oust Guaidó

On Thursday, the fractured opposition of Venezuela put an end to the “interim government” of Juan Guaidó, which was celebrated as a “total victory” by the Chavismo ruler.

Six days after voting in favor of eliminating the “interim period”, the opposition elected via videoconference a new directive for the symbolic Parliament elected in 2015, whose continuity it defends with the support of the United States despite the fact that its term ended in 2021, when Chavismo regained control of the legislative power.

Dinorah Figuera, who lives in Spain, was elected instead of Guaidó at the head of that forum.

President of the Chavista parliament celebrates

Shortly afterwards, at the headquarters of the Legislative Palace, the acting National Assembly, controlled by the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), ratified Jorge Rodríguez as its president.

“This is the hour of total victory!” celebrated Rodríguez, who ironically described as the “Narnia presidency” the controversial figure headed by Guaidó since 2019, when he swore himself “interim president” with the recognition of fifty countries, including they United States, after ignoring the re-election of President Nicolás Maduro a year earlier and denouncing it as “a fraud”.

“It is the force of reality that prevails” over “fantasies,” said Rodríguez, leader of Maduro’s delegation in the negotiations resumed with the opposition at the end of last year in Mexico.

The day marked the farewell to Guaidó’s “interim” after last December 30 three of the main opposition parties promoted his elimination, alleging that he “ceased to be useful” in the search for political change, after four years of failed attempts to remove Maduro from power.

“This cycle had to be closed,” Figuera’s party, Primero Justicia, justified on Twitter.

“The right thing to do,” she adds, “was to close this chapter and open a new one.”

Guaidó asks for accountability

This Thursday, Guaidó asked the members of this extinct body to generate their respective accountability “immediately” and, he assured, that he will do the same.

“I must acknowledge all those who have worked in the interim government, (…) but I also ask that, immediately, they must generate the respective accountability for each of their functions, as they have done year after year (…) I will, of course, do my part in that,” he said during a virtual meeting with the deputies elected in 2015, whose term expired in January 2021.

But the members of the 2015 congress maintain that this continues in force, considering the 2020 legislative elections, boycotted by the bulk of the opposition and won by Chavismo, fraudulent.

In his speech, Guaidó assured that those who held positions in the interim that he assumed in 2019, when he proclaimed himself “president in charge” of Venezuela, have “been transparent” and will continue to fight for democracy.

Likewise, he urged the former parliamentarians and the board of directors proclaimed this Thursday to “assume” the powers of the “interim government” and not create a “power vacuum” that, in his opinion, would give space to the Nicolás Maduro regime, which he calls of dictatorship.

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