Venezuela Dominates Panama with a 5-2 Victory

Venezuela Dominates Panama with a 5-2 Victory

Venezuela Triumphs Over Panama With Host Power

Venezuela overperformed with their host power, beating Panama 5-2 in their World Cup Qualifier on Tuesday.

The Venezuelan side showcased great skill and strength throughout the game. The starting XI of the Venezuelan team capitalized on their home advantage and opened the score early in the 10th minute, stunning the visiting side of Panama.

At the break, Venezuela were already leading with a score of 4-2. However, their good form kept up until the last minute, when the team scored their fifth and final goal.

The players and the crowd alike were filled with elation, seeing the great performance of the team. Thoughts will now turn to their next challenge – they face Mexico on 28th March 2021 in their next qualifying match.

The team will be hoping to recreate the same kind of high performance they showed in this game, and to edge closer to qualifying for the World Cup in 2022.

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