Vallejo vs Melgar LIVE: ‘Poets’ lead 2-1 in Liga 1 Apertura 2024


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Cuesta almost scored the tie for Melgar after a corner kick. He was able to celebrate his double in Trujillo. The second half is already being played, and Melgar made a change, with Ramos leaving and Arias entering. César Vallejo, on the other hand, came out with the same players. The first half ended with both teams showing good moments in the Mansiche.

In the 36th minute, Lavandeira was able to score the tie in Trujillo, but he rushed and did not define comfortably in César Vallejo’s area. In the 27th minute, César Vallejo scored a goal via penalty, making it 2-1 in the city of Trujillo. This happened in just 5 minutes, a tremendous feat for the ‘poet’ painting. In the 22nd minute, Ramírez appeared in the heart of Melgar’s area and pushed for the partial tie at the Mansiche Stadium. This was after a great center at mid-height from G. Barreto.

In the 17th minute, Melgar scored a goal after an error between Carvallo and Loyola was taken advantage of by Martínez, who took a dangerous cross into the César Vallejo area. Bordacahar assisted with a header and Cuesta opened the scoring with a subtle touch. In the 11th minute, Ramírez had César Vallejo’s first at his feet, but everything was canceled because he was in an advanced position. In the 9th minute, Ysique from César Vallejo played backwards and almost complicated Carvallo, the goalkeeper.

The game started with César Vallejo receiving Melgar in one of the most anticipated duels of matchday 2. Both teams had just fallen at the beginning of the tournament. The confirmed lineups for UCV and Melgar were also announced. There was a lot of expectation in Trujillo after the signing of Paolo Guerrero for César Vallejo, and the t-shirts of the ‘orange’ team were in greater demand in the last few hours.

Paolo Guerrero was finally made official as César Vallejo’s new player. It will be the first time that the 40-year-old forward plays in Liga 1 Peru. The match between César Vallejo and Melgar was highly anticipated, and the possible appearance of UCV’s latest signing added to the excitement.

César Vallejo debuted with a defeat in League 1 2024, succumbing 2-1 against Alianza Lima. This put them in box 12 in the general classification. To compete with Melgar, they will not be able to count on their right back Johan Madrid, who was sent off against Alianza Lima. The spotlights of the entire country were on the Trujillo sports venue, as the institution was in negotiations with Paolo Guerrero, historic scorer of the Peruvian team, to join the University.

Melgar did not have the best of debuts in League 1 2024, as they were defeated against Cusco FC by 3-2. This placed them in box 11 of the competition, so in their first departure from the ‘white city’ they sought to recover the lost units. For the confrontation against those led by Roberto Mosquera, the ‘domino’ did not have any injuries or suspensions, so the ‘gaucho’ strategist would bet on repeating the same eleven.

Universidad César Vallejo has a contract signed with the Peruvian Football Federation and the company that tendered the television rights, 1190 Sports, so the matches played at home are broadcast by the Liga 1 Max signal. Authorized operators such as DirecTV, Best Cable Sports, and Claro TV can also add the event to their programming. The official streaming platform Liga 1 Play also provides coverage.

The possible lineups for César Vallejo vs Melgar were as follows: UCV: José Carvallo; Carlos Cabello, Carlos Ascues, Alec Deneumostier, Nilson Loyola; Josepmir Ballón, Frank Ysique, Óscar Barreto; Alejandro Ramírez, Jairo Vélez, and Yorleys Mena. Melgar: Carlos Cáceda; Alejandro Ramos, Matías Lazo, Leonel Galeano, Lucas Diarte; Alexis Arias, Walter Tandazo, Kenji Cabrera, Tomás Martínez; Pablo Lavandeira, and Bernardo Cuesta.

For César Vallejo vs Melgar, the National Commission of Referees (Conar) appointed Diego Haro as the person in charge of conducting the actions. The assistants will be Leonar Soto and Willy Acosta, accompanied by the fourth referee Luis Velásquez. Sebastián Lozano will be in the video arbitration (VAR) system, accompanied by Jonny Bossio.

Since Universidad César Vallejo returned to the first division in 2019, they faced each other nine times against FBC Melgar, with extreme equality in the results. The Trujillanos won three times, the same number of victories for the ‘characatos’ and also draws. However, the last time the two faced each other at the Mansiche, the score was favorable for the Arequipeños 2-1 in the duel corresponding to the 2023 Clausura Tournament. The goals came through Pablo Lavandeira and Cristian Bordacahar, while Osnar Noronha had ahead of the ‘oranges’.

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