V-CARB: The Forgettable Name of F1 Simplified


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Last Wednesday, the official announcement was made that Visa Cash App RB is the new official name of AphaTauri. This news has caused quite a stir in the media and networks. However, due to the complicated and least memorable name in the history of F1, there is already talk about the possibility of simplifying it to make it easier for fans to remember.

Nate Saunders, a journalist for ESPN, has revealed that internally, the team is known as V-CARB, which could become a popular name during the season. The change is significant because of its shortness and the association of CARB with ‘carbure’, a term much closer to single-seater racing.

Visa will be the new main sponsor, which means they will be paying for most of the team’s expenses from 2024. Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo will be at the wheel again, with the hope of returning to Red Bull if Checo has another discreet season like 2023.

The new sports director, Laurent Meekies, formerly of Ferrari, will be leading the team after the retirement of Franz Tost. There will also be a change of approach, as Red Bull will no longer try to make both cars technically different. Instead, there will be more transfer of parts between Milton Keynes and Faenza, within the FIA regulations.

There have been suspicions in the competition, especially at McLaren, where Zak Brown has often complained about the difficulty of fighting against a subsidiary like AlphaTauri and the benefits that come with inheriting systems from a successful car designed by Adrian Newey. However, Christian Horner has responded to the accusations of technology transfer, stating that there are fundamental differences between AlphaTauri and Red Bull Racing.

The car is set to be presented on February 8, and there is speculation about its possible resemblance to the RB19 that won 21 races in 2023. This has created a lot of anticipation and excitement among fans and the F1 community.

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