Uzbekistan boosts presidential authority with seven-year term extension

Uzbekistan boosts presidential authority with seven-year term extension

Uzbekistan to Hold Referendum on Constitutional Reform

Uzbekistan is set to hold a referendum on April 30 to approve the proposed constitutional reform that has been ratified by the Uzbek Senate. This move will modify almost two-thirds of the current constitution of the country.

One of the significant changes that will occur if this referendum is approved is the presidential term increase from five to seven years. Additionally, the current president, Shavkat Mirziyóyev, can opt for two other additional terms. This change has been suggested by Mirziyóyev, who believes that the Constitution needs to be adapted to the demands of the new Uzbekistan, while at the same time strengthening the protection of human rights.

Mirziyóyev’s proposal is expected to bring many significant changes to the country. The people of Uzbekistan have welcomed this move, and many believe that this will lead to a more progressive Uzbekistan, which is in line with other nations’ constitutional practices worldwide.

There have been several reports emerging from Uzbekistan of the government’s efforts to work on increasing transparency and promoting good governance. The new reforms are one of the steps that Uzbekistan is taking to modernize their governance system and allow for more people to participate in the country’s prosperous future.

The referendum’s outcome is eagerly awaited by the people of Uzbekistan, and it is expected that they will overwhelmingly vote for the changes that will have a long-lasting impact on the country’s progress. It is expected that a new Uzbekistan will emerge, which will be significantly more progressive and inclusive than ever before.

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