Usain Bolt Reports Being Financially Impacted by Fraud

Usain Bolt Reports Being Financially Impacted by Fraud

Usain Bolt loses millions of dollars due to fraud

Usain Bolt, eight-time Olympic champion and the world’s fastest man, has been a victim of fraud, losing 12.7 million dollars of his fortune down to $12,000.

Despite not being completely ruined by this scam, Bolt stated that the losses have taken a toll on him. He also mentioned that the money was meant for his family’s future, and that he has kids as well as taking care of his parents.

“It’s always going to be a sad situation for anyone to lose what they’ve worked hard for,” he said in a statement to the Jamaica Observer.

In light of this recent happenings, the athlete has appointed his lawyers to deal with this complex issue and has publicly announced his decision to bid farewell to his financial manager. Furthermore, a 10-day ultimatum was given to Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL), where Bolt held his investments, in order to return his money.

The company has been involved in a scam affecting 3,000 million dollars and has triggered Jamaica to request help from the international level in order to recover any assets and products.

The Jamaica Financial Services Commission (FSC) has obtained a court order so as to stop the executives of SSL from liquidating the investment firm.

In conclusion, Bolt has stated that he is trying to focus on his family in order to mitigate the situation and end any form of stress it can be causing him.

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