Usain Bolt Duped by Millionaire Scam in Jamaica

Jamaican Athletics Icon Usain Bolt Claims Loss of $10 Million in Alleged Fraud Scandal.

Usain Bolt, world renowned Jamaican athletics icon, took to his social media to express his anger over the alleged fraud scandal involving the company Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) in which he claims to have lost a fortune of $10 million.

The Jamaican Financial Supervisory Authority has called for an investigation after several clients of SSL, including Bolt, alleged that the company had stolen money from them amounting to a total of $1.2 billion. It is alleged that Bolt opened his account with SSL about 10 years ago and made several deposits amounting to $10 million. He claims that there have been no withdrawals from the account and yet it now stands with only a mere $2,000.

Bolt’s administrator, Nugent Walker, has taken all necessary measures to get to the bottom of the situation and is examining Bolt’s entire portfolio. It has caused much outrage in Jamaica and has sparked several comments from celebrities, politicians, and Jamaicans alike. The country has come together to encourage Usain Bolt.

Though the exact details of the scandal are yet to be unveiled, Usain Bolt continues to remain hopeful that at least some of his money will be recovered.

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