USA Urges OAS to Keep Pressure on Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba

New US Ambassador Demands Pressure on Governments of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba to Return to Democracy

The newly appointed United States ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Francisco Mora, has called on the members of the OAS to act in maintaining pressure against the governments of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba in order to return to democracy.

In his inaugural speech before the OAS Permanent Council, Mora stated that “We must raise our voices and defend democracy when it is under attack”. He implored the member states to not remain silent when a the opposition faces silencing and intimidation by the respective governments.

In the case of Nicaragua, Mora called for the “immediate and unconditional” release of the “political prisoners” detained by the government of Daniel Ortega, the number of which, according to the opposition, is 235. He urged OAS member states to continue to enforce pressure on the Ortega regime to bring about a change in its course.

Likewise, Mora emphasized the importance of Venezuelans to be able to “exercise the right to elect their own leaders without repression”. He also warned that the United States will hold President Nicol├ís Maduro “to account for his atrocities”.

Lastly, Mora, a “proudly Cuban-American”, spoke against the Havana government, accusing them of “harassing and detaining peaceful protesters, journalists, and independent voices”.

Francisco Mora was ratified last December by the US Senate as permanent representative to the OAS, a position that had been vacant since US President Joe Biden took office two years ago.

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