US Warns of Growing Conflict Between Taxi Drivers and Uber in Southern Mexico

Security alert issued by US Embassy in Mexico due to violent disputes between taxi drivers & Uber operators

The US Embassy in Mexico issued a security alert for US citizens visiting or residing in Cancun, Quintana Roo, due to “violent” disputes between local taxi unions and digital platforms such as Uber. This was done after a group of taxi drivers attempted to stop the activities of the Uber platform in the Mexican tourism destination, by imposing a one hour blockade of the two entrances connecting the hotel zone with the international airport.

In order to protect the commuters, authorities of the National Guard, Secretary of the Navy, the Mexican army, the Military Police and state Public Security peacefully released the blockade, thus allowing the peaceful commutation of affected workers and tourists to the airport.

The US Embassy asked American citizens in Mexico to take into account all the safety recommendations, review their personal security plans, be aware of their surroundings, keep a low profile, monitor local media for updates, and call 911 for immediate assistance. “Violent crime, such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery, is widespread and common in Mexico,” the alert stated.

The conflict between taxpayers and Uber operators was reactivated a few days ago, after Uber obtained a ruling permitting it to operate without needing a state concession. Therefore, in order to regulate its activities, the Quintana Roo congress must meet soon to modify its Mobility Law.

In an attempt to bring the situation under control, the government formally requested the suspension of the concession to the four taxi drivers who attacked an Uber driver yesterday, who were subsequently arrested. Meanwhile, the two entrances to the Hotel Zone were guarded by anti-riot groups, to prevent further blockades.

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