US to Send Abrams Tanks to Ukraine

United States to Supply Ukraine With Abrams Tanks

The United States has announced plans to deliver Abrams tanks to Ukraine. This decision is a continuation of the military support that the United States has provided to Ukraine, who is currently in a conflict with Russia.

The tanks are expected to arrive sometime in 2021 and will help bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities. The delivery will include enough tanks and other equipment to equip two full battalions.

The decision follows a similar announcement from the United States in 2020, in which the US committed to providing Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missiles.

The United States’ commitment to Ukraine does not come without resistance from Russia. The commitment has been criticized by Russian officials, with some seeing it as an act of aggression.

The United States has been clear in its commitment to Ukraine, stating that it will not tolerate any act of aggression against the country. The US has also said that it will continue to support Ukraine in its efforts to restore its sovereignty and independence.

This announcement comes as a welcome relief to the people of Ukraine, who have been struggling to defend themselves against the forces that threaten to upend the fragile peace process in the region. With the delivery of the Abrams tanks, Ukraine will be in a far better position to defend itself and build towards a secure future.

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