US Navy Incorporates Metal Gear Solid Hack into Maneuvers

US Navy Marines Imitates Metal Gear Solid Game To Overcome AI

US Navy recently tested the use of Artificial Intelligence to detect the enemy which proved successful, however it was not the traditional methods which saved the day.

According to the book Four Battlegrounds by Paul Scharre, eight marines adopted the strategy of Snake, the protagonist of the Metal Gear Solid saga, and managed to outwit the AI. They used techniques straight out of the video games, like hiding under a cardboard box.

Though this tactic would usually not work in the games, it paid off in real life as they went unnoticed by the AI. They also tried other techniques like somersaulting and disguising themselves as trees. Unbeknownst to them, Kojima had already envisioned this eventuality and invented the love box – a cardboard box large enough for two people to use.

In conclusion, these marines definitely have the vision and improved strategy to overcome the AI, showing us how life can indeed imitate art in unexpected ways.

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