US Manufacturer Offers Ukraine Advanced Drones for Just

US Manufacturer Offers Ukraine Advanced Drones for Just $1

US Drone Maker Seeks Government Permission To Sell Drones To Ukraine

General Atomic Aeronautical Systems, a major US maker of advanced military surveillance drones, has announced that it is willing to supply two of its powerful Gray Eagle and Reaper drones to Ukraine for just $1 and is seeking US government permission for this deal.

CEO Linden Blue said in a statement that the company had been urging Washington for months to provide Ukraine with their products in order to help them in their war against Russia, who has invaded the country.

The US military has already provided Ukraine a number of small attack and surveillance drones however, none are as advanced in technology or can offer the long-range capabilities that General Atomic’s drones can.

Blue added that the company is willing to deliver their own trainer planes, along with a ground control station and other necessary equipment for a nominal dollar and train Ukrainian operators for free. All that is required is approval from the US government.

“From the perspective of our company,” Blue said, “it is long overdue to equip the Ukrainian forces with the information domain necessary to win this war.”

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