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US Criticizes Parliamentary Elections in Cuba

The United States has criticized the parliamentary elections to be held in Cuba on March 26, 2023, describing them as “not democratic” and claiming that the Cuban population “deserves to elect” their representatives freely. Brian Nichols, the Undersecretary of the State Department for Latin America, stated on social media that “when the only option is the Communist Party and closed committees choose candidates to run without opposition, there is no democracy, only autocracy and misery. Cubans deserve to choose.”

In this election, 470 people will be elected to the National Assembly of Popular Power (ANPP), the highest Legislative Body in Cuba, for a period of five years. The election process represents a significant step in the country’s institutional renewal plan that began with the local elections in November 2022. However, the ANPP is expected to appoint Miguel Díaz-Canel, leader of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), as the new president of the country for a second term. The PCC is the only legal party on the island.

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The US government’s criticism of the elections reflects its ongoing tension with the Cuban government. The US has imposed a trade embargo on Cuba since 1960 and has criticized the country’s human rights records. In contrast, Cuba has repeatedly accused the US of interference in its domestic affairs.

The Cuban authorities reject the criticism of the US government, emphasizing the legitimacy of the country’s election process. The authorities argue that the selection process aims to ensure that candidates represent the interests of Cuba’s different regions and sectors of society.

In conclusion, the upcoming parliamentary elections in Cuba are stirring up controversy as the US government criticizes them for being undemocratic, while the Cuban government sees them as legitimate. Regardless of the outcome, it is evident that the relationship between the US and Cuba will continue to be tense, with the two governments having longstanding differences regarding trade policies, human rights issues, and political ideologies.

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