US and Cuba to Resume Talks on Security Matters

U.S. Delegation to Travel to Cuba to Resume Dialogue on Security Issues

The United States (U.S.) State Department reported this Thursday (01.12.2023) that a high-level delegation is set to travel to Cuba soon to resume dialogue and discuss issues of bilateral interest in international law enforcement, such as transnational crime.

The anonymous department spokesman mentioned that the departments of State, Justice, and Internal Security will be integrated into the delegation. They also specified that they were committed to maintaining a constructive dialogue and promote U.S. interests without compromising human rights.

However, the meeting does not include the ‘normalization’ of relations with the communist-governed island and Washington, who maintain Cuba on a list of countries that support terrorism. In 2022, U.S. and Cuban officials began to dialogue over the immigration issue, but former U.S. President Donald Trump ended the eased-centered policy initiated by his predecessor, Barack Obama, while President Joe Biden previously hardened his stance on the July 2021 anti-government demonstrations on the island.

The recent travel of the U.S. delegation to Cuba comes as the living conditions continue to deteriorate due to the constant blackouts and surge in population migration, many of whom bound for the United States.

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