Unsolved: The Vanishing of Eight Young Spaniards in Germany


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The SOS Desaparecidos association has raised an alert about the disappearance of eight young people from Almería who went to Germany for work. They had not been heard from for over ten days after traveling to Hamburg for a job they found on Facebook. Among the missing is Enok Cuesta García, 24 years old, as per the poster released by SOS Desaparecidos.

The association provided a detailed description of Enok Cuesta García, including a tattoo on his right hand and his distinctive Andalusian accent. According to EFE, Enok Cuesta García contacted his mother by phone to let her know he was okay. The Civil Guard has confirmed that the missing young people have been in touch with their families and plan to return to Spain soon.

The rest of the missing individuals have also maintained contact with their relatives through Facebook and are expected to return to Spain in the near future. However, the Civil Guard is continuing its investigations to clarify the circumstances of their disappearance.

The young people had left for Germany by car on January 20, traveling together in a van. The Civil Guard has assured that they are working to gather more information about the situation. The families of the missing individuals have been reassured by the contact made by their loved ones, but the authorities are still looking into the matter.

It is a relief to know that the missing individuals are safe and in contact with their families. The situation has caused concern, but it seems that the young people are planning to return to Spain soon. The details of their disappearance are still being investigated, and the authorities are working to gather more information. The families of the missing individuals can hopefully expect their safe return in the near future.

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