Unraveling the Enigma of Tina Turner’s Grandchildren Following Untimely Death of Sons


The Life and Legacy of Tina Turner

Icons are born once in a lifetime, and Tina Turner was no exception. She was known for her incredible singing career, as well as her tumultuous personal life. Following her death on May 24, 2022, fans have been curious to know if the rock legend had any grandchildren.

Tina Turner’s Family Life

Tina Turner had four children, two biological sons, and two adopted sons from her ex-husband, Ike Turner. Sadly, her biological sons passed away tragically before her death.

Tina’s first son, Craig, was born when she was only 18 years old. Ronnie, her second son, was born years later in 1960. Ronnie went on to establish himself in the music industry, playing in both his parents’ bands.

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In addition to her two biological sons, Tina also adopted two of Ike’s sons, Ike Jr. and Michael Turner. They were born to Ike’s live-in girlfriend, Lorraine Taylor.

Tina Turner’s Grandchildren

Tina Turner reportedly had two grandchildren, but little is known publicly about them. Her second biological son, Ronnie, shared two children with his wife, Afida, a French musician. They married in 2007, but no pictures of their supposed children have been shared publicly.

The Tragic Passing of Tina Turner’s Sons

Tina Turner’s sons, Craig and Ronnie, both passed away tragically before their mother. Craig struggled with the troubled marriage between Tina and Ike and took up a career in real estate in California. He died by suicide at the age of 59 in July 2018.

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Ronnie passed away in December 2021 due to complications of metastatic colon carcinoma. His mother shared a picture with her late son on Instagram, calling it her “saddest moment as a mother.”

The Legacy of Tina Turner

Tina Turner’s incredible music career spanned over five decades, and she left an indelible mark on the industry. Her powerful voice and stage presence are still celebrated today, and she will continue to inspire generations to come.
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