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Penélope Cruz visited ‘El Hormiguero’ to talk about her new film ‘Ferrari’, which will be released on February 9th. The movie is a biopic about the life of Enzo Ferrari, and Penélope plays the role of Laura Ferrari, Enzo’s wife. She described the film as a character-driven story that delves into the family and loss, with a focus on Laura’s life, which was both interesting and difficult.

To prepare for her role, Penélope Cruz traveled to Modena, Italy, where she spent time researching and talking to people who knew Laura Ferrari. She discovered that Laura had a tragic life, having lost a son and finding out about Enzo’s other family. Penélope also shared some of her acting tricks, such as the importance of shoes and how they influence a character’s movements.

She admitted to observing people in public places to study their behavior and apply it to her characters. She also revealed her fear of speed, which stems from a traumatic childhood experience involving her sister. Penélope also used her appearance on the show to raise awareness about ALS and shared a touching message from a friend who suffers from the disease.

The interview ended with a surprise video message from her friend, Jordi Sabaté Pons, who thanked her for her support in the fight against ALS. The emotional moment left Penélope in tears. The show also paid tribute to her with a magical book about her life. Overall, it was an insightful and emotional episode of ‘El Hormiguero’ with Penélope Cruz.

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