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Unlock the Distant Roar Spray in Fortnite with Cipher Missions and Epic Games: Tips and Tricks from Mexico to Spain on DEPOR-PLAY

Fortnite’s latest season, Chapter 4 – Season 1, is coming to an end soon. However, gamers can still earn some cosmetic items and additional XP by completing new quests that were added with the recent v23.50 update. One of the most exciting elements of the update is the Cipher Quests, which offer a coveted Distant Roar spray reward. Players must complete Stage 1 of the Encrypted Cipher Quests and progress to Stage 2 to acquire the spray reward. Luckily, gamers don’t have to spend time solving each encrypted mission as one player has already shared the solutions to the challenges in a popular video that has garnered over 200,000 views.

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Epic Games has introduced a new section called Cipher Missions, providing players with direct objectives amid unencrypted missions, while others require a bit of investigation. Completing individual Cipher missions earns players experience points. Upon completing a set number of quests, players unlock new cosmetics, such as a graffiti Let There Be Peace, an Order Up Loading Screen, a Decryption Emoticon, and a Circuit System wrapper. Players can complete Cipher Missions until March 7, 2023, so gamers have a considerable chunk of time to unlock their rewards.

Overall, Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 1 has been a high point for the game, providing players with tons of new content and exciting rewards like the Distant Roar spray. With Cipher Quests and their potential rewards, Fortnite players are sure to stay engaged and entertained through the end of the season.

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