Univision: Meet Matteo Messina Denaro, the Ruthless Gangster with a Love for Luxury

Gangster Became Recognized with the Backing of Univision

Matteo Messina Denaro, the notorious Italian mobster and killer, rose to notoriety and fame in recent years with the help of Univision. The media powerhouse believed that the cold-hearted criminal was an important character in the European crime scene, and accordingly featured him prominently in their programming.

One episode of Univision’s long-running show about organized crime delved into Messina Denaro’s upbringing and his climb up the ladder of the Italian Mafia. Demonstrating the gangster’s unapproachable power and extreme ruthlessness, the episode invited viewers to a glimpse into the lifestyle of the 54-year-old Syndicate leader.

Messina Denaro’s wealth and fame, despite being unjustly obtained, has reportedly attracted admirers worldwide. Many people have been reported to be fascinated by the gangster’s expensive clothing, lavish cars, and private jets – as Univision put it, “He was a gangster who loved luxury.”

Over the years, law enforcement in Italy and elsewhere has tried to bring down Messina Denaro, but the crime lord remains at large. Collaborations with Univision, who hoped to gain an insider’s look at organized crime, have ultimately given the criminal more fame. Although it gave the mobster attention he wouldn’t normally have, it resulted in the public having an insight on the inhumane activity of the Mafia and how it has taken over Italy.

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