United States Repatriates 68 Migrants Found at Sea to Cuba

US Coast Guard Returns 68 Cuban Migrants to Country

The United States Coast Guard Service (SGC) returned to Cuba on Sunday (01.22.2023) a group of 68 irregular migrants intercepted at sea, adding to the 136 that have been handed over this week. This brings the total number of islanders returned this year to 1,339.

The new group of people returned this Sunday through the port of Orozco, in the western province of Artemisa, is made up of 48 men, 18 women and two minors who participated in five “illegal exits” from the country. Out of the 1,484 migrants that have been returned, 11 departures that have occurred this year have been handled by the US authorities, in addition to three departures from the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands.

The Cuban authorities maintain their commitment “to regular, safe migration and orderly,” and emphasize the “danger and life-threatening conditions” posed by illegal departures from the country by sea, and the “irresponsibility” of involving minors.

In response to the increasing influx of migrants to the US, the US Government has announced a new immigration policy in which it promises to welcome 30,000 monthly migrants from Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba and Nicaragua. Mexico has agreed to admit a corresponding amount of migrants a month who are expelled from US territory. The policy comes in part due to the recent unprecedented migratory exodus originating from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

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