HomeNewsUnions in France Urge Emmanuel Macron following "Historic Mobilization"

Unions in France Urge Emmanuel Macron following Historic Mobilization

Unions in France Urge Emmanuel Macron following Historic Mobilization

On Tuesday, March 7, France experienced its sixth day of strikes and demonstrations for pensions. The CGT identified 3.5 million walkers, which is more than the day of January 31. However, figures from the Ministry of the Interior showed that there were 1.28 million on the streets, only slightly more than the previous demonstration. Despite tensions in Nantes, Lyon, and Rennes, the Parisian procession had some clashes between violent elements and police. Nevertheless, the strike has experienced a slight erosion among railway workers and teachers, and blockages have taken place in universities and high schools. The inter-union calls for mobilization on March 11. In the meantime, the country celebrated International Women’s Day on Wednesday, with some intending to lead feminism and social struggles at the same time. The Parisian demonstration ended just before the examination of the postponement of the legal retirement age by the senators began, an examination coming to close this day of mobilization. The country may soon see a vote in the Senate by Sunday. Many roadblocks have been identified on the national territory, with wild cuts of electricity also taking place in the north of the country. Fuel shipments were blocked from Tuesday morning at the exit of “all refineries,” according to a union source.

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