UNHCR Studies Possibility of Returning Hundreds of Thousands of Refugees and Displaced Persons.

CAR: UNHCR studies return possibilities for hundreds of thousands of refugees and displaced persons

UNHCR and the African Development Bank have sent a joint mission to the Central African Republic in order to assess the state of the over one million internally displaced persons and refugees in the country. The mission will evaluate the situation and recommend a response to the humanitarian issues that arise due to insecurity and lack of financial resources. The Central African Republic possesses one of the world’s highest populations of internally displaced persons, currently standing at around 500,000, as well as 700,000 refugees located in neighbouring countries. UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner, Raouf Mazou has stated that it is a priority for the Central African Republic to help those who have been away from their homes return safely. A pilot programme, set up by the UNHCR and its partners, has already helped thousands of families by allowing them to return to their neighbourhoods of origin. UNHCR has repatriated nearly 33,000 refugees to the Central African Republic from Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville and the DRC between 2017 and 2023, and voluntary repatriation continues in areas of the country controlled by conventional forces.

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