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Actor Luis Fernando Peña, known for his roles in ‘My Secret’ and ‘Amar te duele’, recently shared a photo from the hospital, causing concern among his fans. The 41-year-old actor revealed that he had to receive intravenous treatment and urged his followers to reduce stress and let things flow.

After spending several hours in the hospital, Luis Fernando Peña assured his fans that he had been discharged and that everything was fine. However, he did not provide any further details about his hospitalization or an update on his health.

This hospitalization comes after a difficult period for the actor, who recently denounced “aggressions” against the production of ‘Speak or Die’. He called on the authorities to pay more attention to these types of cases, indicating that the production company’s vehicle had been attacked multiple times.

It’s been 21 years since the actors of ‘Amar te duele’ last met, and fans are curious about what has become of them. Luis Fernando Peña’s recent hospitalization has sparked concern about his health, but he has assured his followers that he is doing fine.

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