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Unapologetic Redheaded Cougar Mom: My Perfect Response to Doubters

Unapologetic Redheaded Cougar Mom: My Perfect Response to Doubters

Redheaded Cougar Claps Back at Haters

Meet the self-proclaimed cougar with over 2,000 TikTok followers, @RedHotCoog. This fiery redhead doesn’t have time for anyone who can’t handle her self-confidence. She makes content on fashion and comedy centered around her attraction to younger men.

In one of her videos, she confidently stands in a blue tank top and skinny jeans while the audio says, “I know I’m a handful…” She takes a step closer to the camera and continues, “The last time I checked…you had two hands.” With a sassy smile, she places her hands behind her back and says, “So I don’t see what the problem is.”

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RedHotCoog’s video received over 1,000 views and a slew of supportive comments from people eager to take on the challenge. One person wrote, “Me either,” with heart emojis. Another commented, “And I’m ready to use them!” A third said, “Who would think you’re a problem? You’re a great problem to have!!!”

In a world where bras are a common fashion staple, there are women over 50 who choose to free themselves from the confines of lingerie. One woman in the “no bra club” is “finally free” after deciding to stop wearing bras under her clothes. Even after she passes away, she plans to remain part of the no-bra crew and hopes her chest is free to breathe.

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It’s clear that these confident women won’t let anyone hold them back. Whether it’s societal standards or negative comments, they are unapologetically themselves. So, next time someone tells RedHotCoog that she’s too much to handle, she’ll just remind them they have two hands.

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