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UN Special Representative Calls for High-Level Panel to Address Libya Crisis

UN Special Representative Calls for High-Level Panel to Address Libya Crisis

The UN Special Representative in Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, has proposed the establishment of a high-level panel to bring together all the Libyan actors and facilitate the organization of general elections in 2023. The panel is composed of representatives of political institutions, important political figures, tribal chiefs, leaders of civil society organizations, women and young people. This committee would be responsible for facilitating the adoption of a legal framework, a roadmap and a timetable for the holding of the ballot this year. It would also advance a consensus around election security and the adoption of a “candidate code of conduct”.

Since the cancellation of the elections scheduled for December 2021, the agreement on the legal framework still comes up against the profile of the next president. The western Libyan camp refuses that he is a soldier or of dual nationality while the eastern camp refuses the exclusion of anyone. The detractors of Marshal Khalifa Haftar fear to see him impose himself in power and seek to have these two conditions as a guarantee so that he does not present himself. On the other hand, the eastern camp wants to allow a soldier and a bearer of dual nationality to be able to present themselves.

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The UN envoy is now calling on members of the United Nations Security Council to support his approach and help Libya get out of the dragging transition period. He believes that this high-level panel is the only way to ensure that the 2023 elections are inclusive and transparent.

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