UN Notes Positive Developments in Talks to End War in Yemen

UN Mediator Optimistic for Potential Agreement to End the War in Yemen

United Nations mediator, Erik Grundberg, has expressed hope for the initation of talks towards a potentially significant change in trajectory of war in Yemen. Grundberg held constructive and fruitful discourses with both the Houthi rebel leader, Mahdi al Mashat and the Yemeni government in exile.

The UN mediator urged parties to the conflict not to waste this opportunity as the discussion table holds issues such as a military de-escalation, measures to prevent economic destruction and a mitigation of impact of war on civilian population.

The mediator’s positive message was supported by the Houthi’s call of having held “serious and positive talks” with an Omani mediation team in Sana’a. The team had been mediating in the war since 21 December, 2022.

However, Martin Griffiths, UN humanitarian chief, warned that year 2023 looks set to be difficult with an estimated 21.6 million people needing assistance and protection services.

Despite the circumstances, the UN mediator is still hopeful of the upcoming talks intensifying and leading to an agreement between parties, which would bring an end to the eight year long conflict and put an end to the humanatarian crises in Yemen.

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