UMECIT FC triumphs with a lively 3-2 win against Herrera


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UMECIT FC secured a tight 3-2 victory over Herrera this past Saturday in an exciting game that was part of the Panama – Apertura 2024 tournament. The local team’s goals were scored by Andrés Palmezano (2′ 1T), Jesús Araya (18′ 1T), and Ezequiel Gómez (6′ 2T), while the away team managed to score through Edson Samms (14′ 1T) and Ronaldo Córdoba (21′ 2T, from a free kick). Jesús Araya was the standout player of the match, contributing with a goal for UMECIT FC, while Ezequiel Gómez also made a significant impact as the author of another goal.

The game was fiercely contested, with numerous fouls from both sides leading to frequent stoppages. This resulted in a high number of reprimands for players from both teams, including Alberto García, Emanuel Chanis, Jacinto Fuentes, Armando Dely, Miguel Corral, Iago Beceiro, Jordy Meléndez, Ángel Caicedo, Francisco Bethancourt, Juan Yepes, Andrés Palmezano, Marcos Allen, and Jefferson Domínguez.

Miguel Corral, the technical director of UMECIT FC, implemented a 4-5-1 strategy with Marcos Allen in goal; Emanuel Chanis, Eric Vásquez, Jesús Araya, and Jordy Meléndez in defense; Jacinto Fuentes, Ricardo Ávila, Andrés Palmezano, Aykyel Reyes, and Joseba Beitia in midfield; and Iago Beceiro in the attack. On the other hand, Fabián Torres’ team adopted a 4-3-3 formation with Éric Hughes in goal; Armando Dely, Jefferson Domínguez, Porfirio Ávila, and Alberto García in defense; Francisco Bethancourt, Eiver Flórez, and Luis Vásquez in midfield; and Ronnie Villarreal, Ronaldo Córdoba, and Edson Samms in the forward line.

The match was officiated by José Carrasco at the Atalaya stadium. UMECIT FC will host Veraguas in their next match, while Herrera will play at home against Universitario. Following the match, the local team sits at the top of the standings with 4 points, while the visiting team has 3 points and occupies fourth place in the tournament.

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