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Ukrainian Ambassador Calls for Russian Participation in Mexico Parade

Title: Ambassador Expresses Concern Over Russia’s Presence at Mexico’s Parade


The recent military parade held in Mexico City on September 16, which marked the country’s , invited several foreign delegations to participate. However, the inclusion of Russia in the event has drawn from the Ukrainian ambassador to Mexico, Oksana Dramaretska. She took to social media to express her concerns to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador regarding Russia’s participation, citing the ongoing Ukrainian conflict and Russia’s as reasons for her dismay. The ambassador’s comments sparked a wave of similar complaints from both the public and social media users.

Russia’s Presence Raises Eyebrows:

Among the nations invited to participate in Mexico’s military parade were Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, China, and Russia. However, Russia’s presence has drawn particular attention due to its ongoing conflict with Ukraine. Since February 24, 2022, Russia has been involved in an invasion of Ukraine, resulting in significant casualties and attracting global condemnation. Against this backdrop, Ambassador Dramaretska voiced her concerns regarding the inclusion of Russia in the parade, emphasizing that the country’s soldiers’ “boots and hands of war criminals are stained with blood.”

Ambassador Urges Consistency:

In her address to President López Obrador, Ambassador Dramaretska called for consistency in his stance, despite maintaining a policy of neutrality. She urged him to consider the condemnation of aggression against Ukraine and expressed disappointment in Russia’s presence at the parade. Her plea the need for Mexico to demonstrate solidarity with countries affected by international conflicts while maintaining its diplomatic .


The Ukrainian ambassador’s complaints were not limited to her own sentiment, as numerous social media users also expressed their displeasure over Russia’s participation in the parade. Many demanded an explanation for the decision, considering Russia’s ongoing conflict and its discord with the principles of the parade. The outcry on social media reflects a growing public sentiment against the inclusion of a country involved in an active military conflict.


The military parade held in Mexico City to celebrate the country’s national holidays has come under scrutiny due to the presence of Russia as one of the invited delegations. The concerns expressed by the Ukrainian ambassador, Oksana Dramaretska, have shed light on the conflicted of including a country involved in an ongoing military invasion. While Mexico maintains neutrality in international conflicts, the ambassador’s appeal for consistency underscores the importance of displaying solidarity with nations affected by aggression. The public reaction on social media further highlights the need for transparency and a thorough evaluation when inviting foreign delegations to events of national significance.

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