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Ukraine’s War Goes Beyond Borders: A Global Conflict

The President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has highlighted the importance of the war in Ukraine and its global impact. At the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit in Santo Domingo on 25th March 2023, he stated that all the main world powers have intervened with direct or indirect aid, and the social, economic and financial effects have repercussions around the entire world. Rebelo de Sousa warned that it is the poorest who are suffering the most, facing accelerated inflation and rising prices of energy and food. He urged the world to reaffirm the great principles of Latin America and advocated for the recovery of multilateralism as a way to reciprocate the hope of millions of Ibero-Americans.

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The president also stressed on the critical years ahead for the construction of peace and the end of wars, not just in Ukraine with the ongoing conflict. He called for the global community to come together and find a way to build peace by recovering multilateralism, which has been lost in recent years despite the fact that the world continues to be multipolar. Rebelo de Sousa emphasized the peoples as the strength of Ibero-Americans and urged them to take responsibility for the changing world.

Furthermore, Rebelo de Sousa acknowledged the 50th anniversary of the coup d’état by General Augusto Pinochet against Salvador Allende in Chile. He mentioned that this action served as a wake-up call to lead the Carnation Revolution one year after. The XXVIII Ibero-American Summit has set climate as one of its thematic axes, with the adoption of an Ibero-American environmental charter, a digital rights charter, a strategy for food security, and another for a new financial architecture.

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