Ukraine’s President Zelensky: Most Russian Missiles Intercepted

Ukraine’s President Calls for More Weapons in Wake of Russian Attacks
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for more weapons to stop Russian terror in the wake of shockwave of Russian attacks on several Ukrainian cities.

In a message on Telegram, quoted by the Ukrinform agency, Zelensky said Saturday that “is it possible to stop Russian terror? Yes. Can it be done in any other way than on the battlefield in Ukraine? Unfortunately, no. It can and must be done on our land, in our sky, in our sea.”

The president noted that they need “weapons that are in our partners’ warehouses and that our soldiers are waiting for.” He also said Russia launched over thirty missiles against Ukraine with more than twenty of them being shot down, thus saving hundreds of lives.

Zelensky continued by recounting the story of an apartment building destroyed by an attack in Dnipro where dozens of wounded residents have been rescued from under the rubble. He lamented that more people are feared to be dead and added the removal of debris is ongoing.

Russian bombing has caused blackouts in almost all parts of Ukraine with energy infrastructures in the northeast, east, south and center of the country hit, said Energy Minister German Galushchenko. The Ukrainian operator Ukrenergo noted the enemy had fired again at energy infrastructures and the situation is complicated in the Kharkov and Lviv regions (west).

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