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Ukraine’s ‘British Storm Shadow missiles’ cause massive explosion in Russian missile store

Ukraine’s ‘British Storm Shadow missiles’ cause massive explosion in Russian missile store

Explosion in Russian Missile Store Reportedly Caused by Ukrainian Strike

A massive explosion reportedly ripped through a Russian missile store as the Ukrainians struck allegedly using British-made Storm Shadows. Pictures show the enormous fireball erupting after the reported strike on an arsenal of Russian S-300 air defence missiles in the occupied city of Berdiansk.

Explosions Heard in Russian Regions as Attacks Increase

Explosions were also heard in the Russian regions of Krasnodar and Rostov. Kyiv did not claim immediate responsibility for the three apparent attacks. It was unclear if the surge of overnight attacks — seen on dramatic videos — represented the start of a counteroffensive or a change in strategy by Ukraine.

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British-Made Storm Shadows Allegedly Used in Ukrainian Strikes

Ukraine is alleged to have used British-made Storm Shadows in the strikes – weapons which were described as a “game changer”. Berdiansk – a key Azov Sea port and resort occupied by Russia – was hit by a giant explosion. Residents in reported several powerful blasts from what is reported to have been a weapons store.

Pro-Russian Official Speaks on Berdiansk Attack

A pro-Russian official in the occupied Zapirizhzhia region said: “Berdiansk under the Kyiv regime’s fire. “Explosions were heard on the outskirts of Berdiansk. First responders are working at the scene. “The circumstances are being established,” a spokesperson said.

Denials of Casualties in Krasnodar and Rostov Regions

In Krasnodar the local crisis centre denied any casualties. City Mayor Yevgeny Naumov said “an office building and an apartment block” sustained damage. In Rostov region, air defences claimed to have downed a Ukrainian missile. Reports indicated an attack on a Russian military airfield in Morozovsk.

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Attacks on Tokmak and Vasylivka in Putin-Occupied Zaporizhzhia Region

Attacks were also reported on Tokmak and Vasylivka, both in Putin-occupied Zaporizhzhia region. War blogger Anatoly Shariy, who has one million-plus followers, said “the impression is that infrastructure and headquarters are being cut down. As if before something [bigger].”

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