Ukraine Joins Global Tank Coalition Under Zelensky’s Leadership

Ukraine Joins Global Tank Coalition Under Zelensky’s Leadership

Ukraine expands its “Tank Coalition” to 12 Allied Countries in War against Russia

Ukraine President Volodimir Zelensky announced Thursday (01.26.2023) that twelve allied countries have strengthened the “tank coalition” to aid Ukraine in its war against Russia. In his usual late-night speech, he expressed his gratitude for Canada’s decision to join the coalition.

In addition, Zelensky referenced the new attack with Russian missiles which left eleven dead and reported that Ukraine’s air defense systems and experienced soldiers managed to “shoot down most of the missiles”.

He argued that the only way to stop the aggression of Russia is with the right words, hence adding that “every Russian missile against our cities, every Iranian drone used by terrorists is an argument why we need more weapons. Only weapons neutralize terrorists.”

The Ukrainian president mentioned the urgency of a “new movement” of the Ukrainian armed forces to guarantee the defeat of Russia. He believes that the more Russia looses in the Battle of Donbas, the lesser its potential as a whole.

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