Ukraine Joins Global ‘Tank Coalition’ Under President Zelensky

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Ukraine expands “Tank Coalition” in War Against Russia

Ukraine has significantly strengthened its own military resources in its ongoing war with Russia, as Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelensky announced this Thursday (01.26.2023). This “tank coalition” has now grown to include twelve allied countries, with Canada’s recent agreement to provide heavy tanks.

In his usual late-night speech, Zelensky also reacted to the new missile attack from Russian forces that left at least eleven dead, and said that Ukrainian air defense systems and soldiers had managed to shoot down most of the missiles.

“Only weapons neutralize terrorists,” declared Zelensky, who thanked those around the world who are standing in solidarity with Ukraine. The president is also determined to organize “a new movement” of Ukrainian forces to ensure the defeat of Russian ground forces.

“The more Russia loses in the battle for Donbas, the lesser its overall potential will be,” concluded the president.

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