Ukraine Invited to “Back to Normal” Post-Covid Fitur

Fitur 2023 returns to normality with increased presence from 133 countries and Ukraine

The 43rd edition of Fitur, the International Tourism and Trade Fair, is set to take place in Madrid with unusually large international participation, with 8,500 companies, 131 countries and 755 exhibitors – Ukraine stands out amongst them – the Spanish Kings Felipe and Letizia will be inaugurating the display this Wednesday 18th.

The organizers expect 200,000 entries, 120,000 being professionals and the other 80,000-90,000 visitors, that will be able to attend the Ifema site during the weekend. The marketing campaign centers around ‘Guatemala. Amazing and Unstoppable’, the guest country for this edition.

The attendees of this fair can celebrate being the only large international fair to remain open during the pandemic, despite the two previous editions being held with masks, covid passports and mandatory tests. 12,000 square meters have been occupied and the number of companies have increased by 25%, particularly in the technological sector.

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, is confident that the amount of business conducted will surpass pre-covid levels, with a revenue of 400 million euros for Madrid in hotels, restaurants, venues and expected attractions.

Ukraine expect to make use of this fair to establish contacts and eventual recovery amidst their war effort with Russia. The Executive Vice President of the Exceltur tourist alliance, José Luis Zoreda, is optimistic with this year’s prospects, pending outcomes of war, rates and inflation.

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