Ukraine claims Russia launches six Kinjal missiles simultaneously at its territory

According to Ukraine, Russia fired six Kinjal missiles simultaneously at its soil

Russia’s recent bombing of Ukraine, which killed at least six civilians and cut off electricity to the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, utilized an unprecedented number of hypersonic Kinjal missiles. Described as “invincible” by the Kremlin, the Kinjal missile can change trajectory and thus challenge Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses. Derived from the Iskander ballistic missile, the Kinjal has an estimated range of 2,000 kilometers and can carry either a conventional charge or a nuclear warhead. With a speed of Mach 10, it leaves little time for opposing defenses to react. While the Kinjal was designed as an anti-ship missile, its recent deployment on dry land in Ukraine served as a show of force and a message to the West that Russia’s technological advancements in hypersonics enable it to evade the most sophisticated defense systems, such as the American anti-missile shield. Though the use of Kinjal may not provide a significant ground advantage for Russian forces, it serves as a means of intimidating NATO.

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