Ukraine Calls for UN Support of Peace Resolution

Ukraine Plans to Present Resolution Supporting President Zelenski’s ‘Peace Formula’ to UN General Assembly
The Government of Ukraine has announced it will promote a resolution in the UN General Assembly to support President Volodimir Zelenski’s ‘Peace Formula’, demanding the withdrawal of all Russian troops. This, as efforts have already been made to create a special court to prosecute any alleged crimes of aggression, as the formula includes ten points, including security guarantees for Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Emine Dzhaparova spoke to reporters at the UN headquarters indicating the resolution will be their first priority for the current year. The plan, backed by the European Union, has met with reluctance from certain countries, though the minister confirmed Kyiv would not accept any negotiations as long as there are Russian soldiers on their territory.

President Zelenski’s ‘Peace Formula’ includes the withdrawal of Russian troops, and other issues such as prosecution of alleged Russian war crimes and developed security guarantees for Ukraine as a solution for resolving the conflict. However, the Kremlin has already voiced its rejection of the approach.

It is expected the resolution will be presented in February, after the start of the alleged Russian invasion and the first anniversary of the war. The UN General Assembly will discuss the resolution in depth this month.

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