Ukraine Acknowledges International Support at Fitur

Ukraine seeks tourist support during Fitur 2021 to rebuild the country after a year of Russian invasion

The State Agency for the Development of Tourism of Ukraine inaugurated a special space at the 43rd edition of Fitur, the international tourism fair held in Madrid. This space includes a panel with the word ‘thank you’ in multiple languages and the colors of the Ukrainian flag to express gratitude for the support and initiatives from around the world aimed at helping the country to cope with the effects of the Russian invasion.

The Ukrainian President, Mariana Oleskiv, told EFE at the opening of the fair, “our main objective is to say ‘thank you’ ”. The special space, which was donated by the organization, was specifically designed for countries in critical situations. People were given an opportunity to leave encouraging and supportive messages alongside words like ‘courage’ and ‘strength’.

The country is now taking advantage of the presence at Fitur in order to find partners that can contribute to their rebuilding efforts in the future. According to Oleskiv, “we have to start now to build these alliances to help Ukraine recover.”

The meetings held in the framework of the fair are aimed at finding the necessary alliances and support, with the help of Madrid Business Forum. The Meet Ukraine program, which includes numerous tourist entertainments, is being introduced to the potential partners in order to make the best use of their presence at the Fitur.

The 43rd edition of Super is expected to attract an audience near the record of 253,000 visitors in 2019, prior to the pandemic. The country is now using the fair as a platform to gain international support and attention towards their difficulties and rebuilding efforts in the wake of the Russian invasion.

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