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Ukraine acknowledges India, China’s global roles, clarifies ‘intellectual potential’ remark

Ukraine Softens Tone After Controversial Remark on <a href="" class="st_tag internal_tag " rel="tag" title="">India</a> and China

Ukraine Softens Tone After Controversial Remark on India and China

A day after passing a controversial remark against India and China on the ‘intellectual potential’ of the citizens of the two countries, Ukraine has now softened its tone and given a clarification on Thursday.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ukraine acknowledges the justified role of India, China, and Turkey as major players in the .
  • Historical, , , scientific, and political reasons contribute to India, China, and Turkey’s global roles.
  • Ukraine blames Russia for weakening the global world by disregarding international law.

Mykhailo Podolyaka, Adviser to the Head of the of the Ukraine President Volodymr Zelenskyy on Thursday said that India, China, and Turkey are “justified” in playing bigger roles in the world.

“Of course, Turkey, India, China, and other regional powers are increasingly and clearly justified in claiming global roles in the modern world – and there are all the reasons for this: historical, economic, cultural, scientific, and political. And these roles have long been much more extensive than Russia’s. But the global world is much broader than even the most thoughtful regional national interests,” Podolyak said.

Earlier, snubbing the New Delhi Summit, Ukraine’s foreign ministry said, “nothing to be proud of”.

His statement calling India and China “low intellectual potential” sparked internationally on Wednesday. Podolyak also blamed Russia for weakening “the global world by trying to break international law”.

Podolyak yesterday said, “What’s the problem with China, India, etc. – they are not able to analyze the consequences of their actions – these countries have low intellectual potential, unfortunately. Yes, they invest in science. Yes, India has launched a lunar rover recently which is now trekking on the surface of the Moon, but that does not indicate that this country fully comprehends what the modern world is about”.

His statement created a flutter worldwide and critical remarks from Indians and people from other parts of the developing world .

During the G20 Summit, the Ukraine Foreign Ministry pointed out that the New Delhi declaration did not mention Russia as the violator of its sovereignty. A statement was issued at that time by Oleg Nikolenko, Spokesperson of Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs which stated, “In terms of Russia’s against Ukraine, G20 has nothing to be proud of”.

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