UK Chancellor Sacking Conservative President Over Tax Scandal

UK Chancellor Sacking Conservative President Over Tax Scandal

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Dismisses Minister Without Portfolio Nadhim Zahawi After Investigation

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has dismissed Conservative Party Chairman and Minister without Portfolio Nadhim Zahawi after an investigation found breaches of ministerial regulation following his tax woes.

In a letter to Zahawi released this Sunday (01.29.2023), Sunak pointed to the investigation conducted by independent adviser on ethical conduct of ministers, Laurie Magnus, which concluded that Zahawi should have declared the tax investigation he was subject to and would also have updated his declaration of interests after having settled his dispute with the tax authorities at the time of being named president of the Conservative Party and a minister without portfolio.

In his letter, Sunak also said “When I became Prime Minister last year, I promised that my Government would have integrity, professionalism and responsibility at all levels.” and “As a result, I have informed him of my decision to remove him from his post in His Majesty’s Government.” adding that Zahawi should be proud of his achievements during the past 5 years, including the vaccination plan against the coronavirus and being Minister of Economy.

The move reflects PM Sunak’s desire to reassert authority, especially after 13 years of corruption scandals by the Conservative party that have led to increased allegations of corruption by the Labor opposition. This in turn has led them to the top of the polls.

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