UCR rejects Milei’s accusations of inciting violence against dissenters


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Martín Lousteau, president of the UCR and national senator (Nicolás Stulberg) spoke out on the accusations of Javier Milei to several space deputies after the rejection of the omnibus law. The UCR stated that there is a generalized incitement to violence against those who think differently, which must end. The party emphasized that having the courage to undertake reforms does not imply insulting, shouting, and thinking that only one is right. They also mentioned that Argentina needs temperance and balance to achieve consensus that survives over time and definitively resolves the problems the country faces.

After the parliamentary course of the law was known, Milei made a strong defense before a group of Argentine businessmen, within the framework of his official tour in Israel, where he described them as “criminals” who “want a worse Argentina” because “they are not willing to give up their privileges”. In parallel, the President shared on social networks lists of names and photos of each of the legislators who voted against several articles of the law, and described them as “traitors” and “enemies of a better Argentina.”

The radical Martín Tetaz, in dialogue with La Red, replied to this accusation and maintained that it gives the impression that the Government never wanted the law to pass. He lamented the unusual nature of the situation and compared it to the Venezuela of Cháves, the idea that there is a people and an anti-people.

The radical block of national deputies issued a statement in which it highlights the need to rebuild “dialogues and consensus.” They emphasized the importance of respecting the institutions, the division of powers, and their normal functioning. In addition to ratifying the statements of Minister Luis Caputo that what happened with the Omnibus Law did not affect the Government’s economic plan, the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, defended the publication that was made from the Office’s X social network account of the Presidency with a list of how each deputy voted.

Adorni explained that the information that was provided is public information, available on the website of the Chamber of Deputies. He also mentioned that the president always said that he was going to expose the lies, that his commitment is to the people and that he was always going to defend the truth and moral honesty. He insisted that everyone will be able to make their own guesses and that it is essential for each of the Argentines to review the list of what happened to each of the legislators in the particular vote.

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