U.S. to Open First ‘Super Mario’ Theme Park!

U.S. to Open First ‘Super Mario’ Theme Park!

First American amusement park dedicated to Super Mario to open in Los Angeles

Fans of Super Mario will be in for a treat this February as the first American amusement park dedicated to the characters from the world-famous Mario franchise will be opening in the Universal Studios Hollywood park in Los Angeles.

The amusement park, titled Super Nintendo World, is largely based on the design of its elder brother that opened in Miyako, Osaka last year and pays homage to the quinessential Mario world. Mushrooms, piranha plants, and money bricks will all be fixtures of the attraction.

It has been almost 40 years since the famous mustachioed video game character first arrived on the Nintendo NES console in 1985, making Mario a global pop culture icon. Now, the virtual world built into the original 8-bit game will be brought to lifee.

His fans will have the opportunity to experience an ultimate playground, facilitating intercative wristbands, augmented reality glasses and projections to bring a truly one of a kind experience.

Moreover, this unique experience has the potential to further boost the popularity of the gaming character, with the release of a Mario-based Hollywood movie being on the horizon.

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