U.S. Monitors Russian Spy Ship off Hawaiian Coast

Russian Spy Ship Operating Close to Hawaii Sparks Concern Among US Officials

The United States Coast Guard reported this Thursday (01.19.2023) on following in recent weeks the movements of a vessel believed to be a Russian spy ship operating in the vicinity of Hawaii.

Commander Dave Milne, head of External Affairs for the Coast Guard, said in a statement that the body is monitoring foreign military ships allowed in US waters, and expressing concern with the Department of Defense.

The security agency even published a video showing the alleged Russian ship passing through waters near Hawaii on January 11. The Vishnya-class surveillance vessel, named Kareliya, has been under surveillance by the US Coast Guard sailing near Hawaii in recent weeks.

The US Department of Defense Undersecretary for Press, Sabrina Singh, said at a press conference that the Coast Guard continues to monitor this alleged Russian spy ship that they believe would be gathering intelligence information.

Ms. Singh added that there has been no evidence of “unsafe or unprofessional behavior”; however, she acknowledged the current geopolitical precarious climate.

The presence of the ship comes after last May’s similar incident which put the US Armed Forces Indo-Pacific Command on alert after monitoring the passing of another Russian vessel in the vicinity of Hawaii.

The tension between the United States and Russia has significantly increased since February following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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