U-23 Olympic Pre-Olympic (Group A) Live TV and Online Schedule


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The Colombian U-23 soccer team didn’t have much time to prepare for their competition, but the coach was able to work with a group of Colombian soccer players in microcycles and play friendly matches with international teams. Despite a tough defeat against Ecuador in their debut, Colombia now needs to avoid losing to Brazil. Ideally, the team would win, but due to the group standings and previous matches, a draw and two victories could still secure a spot in the top three. However, the negative goal difference may complicate their chances.

The outcome of the match between Bolivia and Ecuador, who are ahead of Colombia in points, will also impact their qualification hopes for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The date, time, and channel to watch the Colombia vs. Brazil match for the U-23 Pre-Olympic Tournament in Venezuela are also important for fans to know.

Coach Héctor Cárdenas must make strategic decisions and avoid improvisation after several unexpected changes in the first match. The team’s upcoming matches against Brazil, Venezuela, and Bolivia will be crucial in determining their fate in the tournament.

The tournament standings for the U-23 Olympic Pre-Olympic show that Colombia is currently at the bottom of their group, with a goal difference of -3. With two groups of 5 teams each, it is difficult to predict the final standings before the penultimate date. However, three teams will advance to the final round, with only two spots available for the mid-year Olympic event in France.

The schedule for Colombia’s matches in the 2024 U-23 Pre-Olympic tournament is also important for fans to follow. After a tough start with a loss against Ecuador, the team will face Brazil, Venezuela, and Bolivia in their upcoming matches. If they qualify for the final phase, the round-robin hexagonal will be played between February 5 and 11.

Ultimately, the question remains: who will be the qualifiers for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games? Colombia has much to improve and everything to win as they continue their journey towards the Olympics.

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