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Tyrannosaurus Rex Goes Up For Auction in Switzerland

A complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, nicknamed “Trinity,” is set to go up for auction in Switzerland for an estimated $6.5 to $8.65 million. Assembled using bones from three different T-rex specimens found in Montana and Wyoming between 2008 and 2013, more than half of Trinity’s skeleton has been brought together for the first time to create a near-perfect specimen. This is only the third time in the world – and the first time in Europe – that a T-Rex skeleton has come up for sale, making it a unique opportunity for dinosaur enthusiasts and collectors alike. However, Koller’s natural history expert Christian Link has warned that the estimates are far below Trinity’s real value.

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Despite the high level of interest in T-rex skeletons, the scarcity of complete specimens has made them a rarity. According to a study in the scientific journal Nature, only 32 adult T-rex skeletons have been found in the world to date. As such, the sale of Trinity provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire a near-complete T-rex skeleton. However, doubts have arisen in the recent past concerning the authenticity of some T-rex skeletons. Last year, Christie’s auction house had to withdraw a skeleton from sale in Hong Kong due to doubts raised by some parts of the skeleton.

This year, Sotheby’s in New York sold a complete skeleton of Gorgosaurus, a species of dinosaur related to the T-rex, for $6.1 million. This highlights the valuable nature of such specimens in the world of vertebrate paleontology. The sale of Trinity is set to take place in Switzerland, and it will provide a unique opportunity for collectors and museums to acquire a nearly complete T-rex skeleton. Even with the asking price expected to soar far above the estimate, it will be an excellent investment for those fortunate enough to secure it.

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