Two soldiers killed in clashes between FARC dissidents and Army in Nariño


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Two soldiers died and others were injured in combat with the outlaw group in Magüí Payán (Nariño).

A heavy fighting took place between the Colombian National Army and FARC dissidents in Magüí Payán (Nariño), resulting in the death of two soldiers assigned to the Joint Task Force Hercules. The crossfire occurred on Monday, January 29, 2024 in the Las Lajas village. It is unknown if there are fatalities among those taking up arms.

Iván Mordisco dissidents recognized that it was a “mistake” to intimidate police officers in Cumbitara (Nariño). The Secretary of the Government of Nariño, Benildo Estupiñán, confirmed the death of the soldiers and expressed hope that the decision of territorial peace to advance in total peace is maintained.

The recent confrontation with troops in a region where both FARC dissidents and ELN strongholds operate has raised significant concern over the possibility of a violation of the current ceasefire. Authorities are still investigating the identity of the armed men involved in this incident, which could have significant repercussions both regionally and nationally.

Tension has escalated in areas where the presence of these armed groups has been constant, making the stability of the ceasefire agreement precarious. Government sources, including the Secretary of Government of Nariño, have expressed their concern and commitment to clarifying the facts to take appropriate measures.

Despite the ceasefire agreed between the insurgent groups and the national government, the security problem continues to be in danger in regions of Colombia. According to information revealed by the National Army, the murdered soldiers were identified as Froilen Morales Vargas and Jaimes Durango Burgos. As for the other two members of the institution who were injured, it was known that they respond to the names of Mauricio Andrés Saltarín Romero, who was shot in his left hand, and Dager Hernández, who was wounded in one of his buttocks.

The two wounded soldiers were treated by the combat nurses corps and later taken to a hospital in Pasto (Nariño). Two members of the Ariel Aldana criminal structure were captured, who were carrying two long weapons. In addition, within the seized material there were three other long weapons, fifteen rifle suppliers, a revolver, a pistol, two multipurpose vests, a pistol supplier, loose ammunition and computers.

Troops were sent to the area to support operations in search of members of the illegal group. The Colombian Military Forces reported that in these events produced the recovery of minors, members of this same criminal structure, with war, administration and communications material, whose rights were restored.

The Ministry of Defense expressed their condolences for the combat that resulted in the death of the two soldiers in Magüí Payán (southwest of Nariño). The ministry stated that the act of violence was brought to the attention of the Monitoring and Verification Oversight Mechanism, as it constituted a violation of the ceasefire agreed upon with the Colombian National Army.

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