Two Men Sentenced to Death for Deadly Crime in Guyana

Two Men Sentenced to Death for Deadly Crime in Guyana

Two Men Sentenced to Death in Guyana for Deadly Crime

Two Guyanese men were sentenced to death in a court of law for a deadly crime.

Omesh Lall and Rajesh Deonarine have been sentenced to death for the December 2017 murder of 20-year-old Veron Primus in Linden on the south American country’s Atlantic coast.

The court heard evidence of the heinous crime committed when the two men set fire to Primus’ house and chased him outside. When he managed to gain entry back into his house, they both smashed the windows, entered, and allegedly stabbed him to death.

According to defence lawyer Latchmie Rahim, Primus’ mother witnessed the brutal stabbing. This led to the two being arrested and charged with murder shortly after.

At the conclusion of the trial, Chief Justice Roxane George unanimously found the two men guilty and accordingly sentenced them to death.

The death penalty is legal in Guyana but limited to murder or treason cases. The last two executions in the country were in 1997.

The two men sentenced to death have 60 days to appeal their sentence.

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