Two Loose Zebras Captured on Road in Germany

The Great Zebra Escape: Zebras Reportedly on the Loose in Germany

When a caller reported to North Rhine Westphalia police on Monday morning that they had seen two zebras running free on the road, many were skeptical. Yet, when officers arrived at a section of the B9 road near the town of Geldern, they discovered that the wild tale was true.

The horses were identified as “Nemo”, who took the situation more lightly, and “Monty” who proved more resistant to the authorities’ attempts to apprehend him. It took several attempts and finally the help of a trailer to corner the animals.

The owners of the farm from where the two zebras escaped were unable to explain how the escapade happened. To console their tiredness and fear, the half-wild horses were welcomed back with a bucket of carrots.

The zebras’ daring escape has left many in Germany scratching their heads and wondering how two such unusual animals could go unnoticed in a heavy traffic area for so long. For now, all that’s left is for investigators to solve the mystery of the great zebra escape.

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