Two Israelis injured in fresh West Bank attack

A new shooting attack in the Palestinian town of Huwara in the West Bank has wounded two Israelis. This recent incident occurred on the same street where heavy clashes between Israelis and Palestinian settlers took place a few days ago. The escalation of violence is causing tension on both sides. One of the injured Israelis is in serious condition and both were evacuated to the hospital. The Army and Israeli security forces are still searching for the attacker who fled the scene.

According to local press, the attack was on a family traveling with three minors in the back of their vehicle. They were passing through the main avenue of Huwara where a few weeks ago, a Palestinian attack killed two Israeli settlers. The attack caused hundreds of settlers to retaliate and attack Huwara.

This attack comes at a time when senior officials from Israel and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) are meeting in Egypt. They are meeting for the second time to reduce tensions in the region with the mediation of the Egyptian government, Jordan, and the United States.

Palestinian and Israeli forces have had intense clashes this past year, especially in the months since the start of 2023. Almost daily Israeli military incursions into occupied territory continue. This year, at least 86 Palestinians have died in violent incidents with Jewish settlers or Israeli forces, including 16 minors. On the Israeli side, 14 people have died as victims of attacks by Palestinians or Arab-Israelis.

The recent attack puts a spotlight on continued violence in the West Bank and the need for a resolution between the two groups. It is essential that leaders on both sides come to a peaceful agreement to end the violence and promote stability in the region.

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